February 9, 2019
Ann Morrison Park (1130 W Royal Blvd, Boise, ID 83706)

9:15 am – 11:15 am: Race Day Pickup
11:00 am: Half Marathon Start
11:15 am: 10K Start
11:30 am: 5K Start

Pre-Race-Day Pickup
There isn’t one but felt it would help some of you to state it clearly. Just show up on race morning and come get your bib and shirt (if you ordered one) at the check-in tables. If your race starts at 11:00am we don’t recommend aiming for getting to the parking lot at 10:58am unless you are chill with everyone else getting a head start. Sometimes the races start a minute or two late but that is due to my rambling more than anything else.

Aid Stations
All courses will have aid stations approximately every two miles. Each aid station will have water, gatorade, a fruit option (typically oranges or bananas), and a couple snack options (i.e. pretzels, oreos, ritz). The gatorade is normally the blue or orange flavors and we never use the knock off brands, it’s really gatorade.

Swag & Awards
Medals will be given for all finishers of all distances. They are custom cut die cast medals and the distances will have sublimated ribbons showing the distance you completed. Plaques for overall top 3 males & top 3 females as well as top 3 in each 5 year age group.

Walkers are welcome at all Final Kick Events. We generally only implement time cutoffs when there are planet-ending events happening (i.e. really big alien invasions or the oceans rising by over 2000′).

Refunds? Transfers?
Check out our Runner FAQ page for all the answers to your most frequently asked questions on those topics. Thanks!

All Final Kick Events are photographed for free by professional photographers and uploaded to FreeRacePictures.com and are free to use however you would like.

Chip timing will be provided for all distances by Tortoise and the Hare Timing.

Our insurance policy does not permit bandits/pacers plus it’s rude to us as well as other runners who happen to be more honest than you. Don’t do it. Don’t run with someone else’s bib – it screws up results. Seriously I am no longer against posting your picture for public shaming and there are a bunch of photographers all over as well as video cameras at the finish. We will sick a rabid wolverine on you when you cross the finish line and Napolean Dynamite will not be available to save you!